Welcome to Motivity Video, formerly Andrew Penziner Productions. Of course, our launch has to start with a video and we have enlisted the help of professional percussionist Yuriana Sobrino to express our excitement. This is no ordinary drum roll.
Motivity Video is a natural evolution for us. The word Motivity means the power to move or to cause motion. This cuts right to the heart of what we’re all about- moving your business, sales and marketing goals with great video content. But, this is incomplete without the following piece. We believe that in order for video to cause positive forward motion, it has to be put to work. We’re equally committed to both. Motivity Video is the coming together of these two ideas, as well as what we’ve learned over the years from our clients, partners and friends. Your relationships mean the world to us. You know that a project has never been just a project for us. It’s always about what we do together and how we do it.

We want to express our thanks and gratitude to everyone who has been a part of the journey so far. We invite you to give us a call. Ask us to tell you more about Motivity, what Motivity means for you, and how we aim to take over the world. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch. Our mission is a little more grounded than that. Simply put, it is to create moving experiences, and drive measurable results through smart strategies and powerful videos. You have inspired us, and we are moved. Forward!

Before we go, we have to thank the amazing talents who made our launch video possible:

Percussion: Yuriana Sobrino

Cinematography: Perpetual Motion Pictures

Sound Engineer & Mix: Tripp Street Soundworks

Location: Amazing Things Arts Center